Back to Love & Beauty


Back to Love & Beauty is a collection of 16 poems and illustrations, created by Mouna SAQUAQUE.

The poems in this book explore themes of love and spirituality, offering a profound introspection into Love and its Expressions.

Through her artful use of language, Mouna takes the reader on a unique journey that touches on spiritual
experiences and delves deep into the essence of love.

“Back to Love & Beauty” is a beautifully crafted tribute to the human true essence with powerful and thought-provoking poems, making it a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world they inhabit.



For Back to Love & Beauty

Mouna Saquaque is the bestselling author of the book “Who Am I? Where Am I? From a Human Perspective”. A spiritual student who has always been driven to find answers to existential questions.

Who Am I?  Where Am I?

Available for you to enjoy in paperback and kindle


By sharing her understandings and conclusions about existential questions, MOUNA SAQUAQUE, embarks her readers in a pleasant, purpose-oriented invitation to decode life on Earth and beyond.


Also available in:

UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and Canada