Happiness and Peace of mind are Man’s birthright


I am

Mouna Saquaque





I Exist

Imagine waking up somewhere, where you know nothing and having only one certainty:
I exist!


Mouna Saquaque


She suddenly realized that she started playing before even knowing the name of the game, let alone its rules!”








When you realize that you have to survive down here on Earth, and that you have an expiration date in this reality, you will make a shift.  Realization of this message does cause us to move and make decisions a little bit quicker. 

On this journey we call life, we will encounter things that will flow, we will find that some emotions don’t or do resonate with us. Or thoughts, events and even people may get in our way and often blur our signals. You now understand experimentally and intellectually that you woke to something that you know nothing about.

Something is missing: clarity, real knowledge, the actual methodology to life. You become aware that no manual has been given to you, and very rarely people seem to admit to sharing the same confusion. But you have this deep intuition that there must be answers, somewhere. And then the metaphoric fork appears in the road and you have two options now:

  • You keep living life as it has always been. Imposed on to you. Or, if you are like me, you sit on the ground, and do not move before comprehending the system to find your wings back.
  • I am here to realize completely who I am. And that’s what I do. I want to lift any veil and become one with my true nature. And this is how I decide to live. From there, when order takes its place, I want to actualize my purpose and live it fully. I decode where I am and what is this game about. How to play it in the most effective way, so that, when transiting death, I will know that I have used all my potential and emptied my batteries (intentionally).


Who Am I?
Where Am I?

This book is a revelation of the layers, dimensions and densities that we experience in our reality. The author puts words on what she describes as the baby steps of self-realization